Making a sketchbook, and becoming part global art collection….

Family & friends know me for compiling sketchbooks,  which I usually compile to record my travels both here and abroad. So it was with great interest when I was sent a link to ‘The Sketchbook Project’ from the Brooklyn Art Library in New York –  a global interactive art library, containing over 36,000 sketchbooks from more than 100 countries across the globe. Anyone can participate, and the aim is to create a museum that inspires creativity, discussion & education.


All you need to do is sign up with the library, and they’ll send you a sketchbook, and a list of themes, and a deadline to submit your completed book.

Once they receive the completed book, it then becomes part of the largest collection of sketchbooks, and resides in a permanent collection within Brooklyn Art Library, for anybody to see.


6 months later, after a lot of procrastinating, and and sleepless nights, the book was completed, and sent off….and last week I received notification that is had been received, logged, and given it’s own catalogue number!  SBP2018/350.3-5 


How amazing to be able to say, that you have completed a piece of work which is held in a library, and forms a part of the worlds largest collection of sketchbooks. To have  participated in a global art project, where your piece work, ideas, and creativity could inspire others.

If your in New York, with time to spare, go to Brooklyn Art Library, on 28 Frost Street, 11211, and ask for SBP2018/350.3-5  and have a look at the book yourself!


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