Decorative details….

I was interested to see the article is this months House & Garden ‘Design Ideas’ section, talking about the value of “small but important finishing touches to furnishings”, talking about the value of trims, braids, cords. It took me back to when I started in this profession, where a scheme wasn’t finished unless it contained an elaborate tassel or deep bullion fringes somewhere in the room.

Today, I like to think I’m a little more subtle with my finishing touches, using fabric rather than trims or cords, but still creating an added depth to an interior scheme.


In the display I recently completed for the Pierre Frey to launch their new Arapahos collection at their showroom in Design Centre, Chelsea harbour, London, I edged the curtains leading edges with a black velvet border, and a narrow band of burnt orange wool fabric piping. This allowed the embroidery detail of the main fabric to stand out.

simax_161027_1637-2In the above image, from a window treatment for a dining room, light neutral coloured linen roman blinds were finished at the bottom, with a wide border of a small cotton print design, and contrast piping detail in a mustard cotton chintz. This gave an added interest to the window beyond the linen curtains, in the bold check of the same colour tones.

I consider ‘attention to detail’ to be one of my strengths – it’s what I’m known for and helps provides my client with their own unique designed space.


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