The Designers exhibition calendar….

This week sees Clerkenwell Design Week, one of the many exhibitions & events that pop up in the Designers calendar during the year, and I’m sure there are people out there like me, that will make a little sigh, and think another design show to attend!

At one stage it was quite easy, all you needed to worry about was London Design Week in March, and then Decorex/Focus & 100% Design in September, and a maybe a few in Europe – Maison & Objet in Paris, Paris Deco Off , Salone Internaztionale del Mobile in Milan, and Heimtextil in Frankfurt.

Now added to the list there is Clerkenwell Design Week in May, London Design Festival also in September and these are just the ones in London. On one website, who’s title is ‘ The World’s Best Design Events You Should Put In Your Schedule Now!’, I counted more than 130 events taking place across the globe during the year. If I’m honest, many I hadn’t heard of before !

I think this shows how important design has become in our lives. We also now have more choice of events, which can help tailor our style or open our eyes to different and new options. Being in new surroundings can also inspire.

Last month I visited the Salone Internaztionale del Mobile in Milan, for the second year, one of the events of Milan Design Week. On this occasion I also took the opportunity to spend time in the City  & visit Fuorisalone, one of the other major events taking place during the Design Week, which it is held through various districts in the City, Brera, Tortona, Porta Venezia, and Ventura. Here many former industrial spaces, or historic buildings usually closed to the public, are transformed into artisan workshops and interior installations.

And my thoughts, well in 2 words – truly inspirational – I could go on, and on, but all I’m going to say is that I’ll be going back next year. It really made me pause, think, and evaluate what I do, and where I want to go with my work.

So if going to an exhibition or an event can do this, maybe I should stop to sigh.

It’s just a case finding the one, out of the many, does it for you……


Making a sketchbook, and becoming part global art collection….

Family & friends know me for compiling sketchbooks,  which I usually compile to record my travels both here and abroad. So it was with great interest when I was sent a link to ‘The Sketchbook Project’ from the Brooklyn Art Library in New York –  a global interactive art library, containing over 36,000 sketchbooks from more than 100 countries across the globe. Anyone can participate, and the aim is to create a museum that inspires creativity, discussion & education.


All you need to do is sign up with the library, and they’ll send you a sketchbook, and a list of themes, and a deadline to submit your completed book.

Once they receive the completed book, it then becomes part of the largest collection of sketchbooks, and resides in a permanent collection within Brooklyn Art Library, for anybody to see.


6 months later, after a lot of procrastinating, and and sleepless nights, the book was completed, and sent off….and last week I received notification that is had been received, logged, and given it’s own catalogue number!  SBP2018/350.3-5 


How amazing to be able to say, that you have completed a piece of work which is held in a library, and forms a part of the worlds largest collection of sketchbooks. To have  participated in a global art project, where your piece work, ideas, and creativity could inspire others.

If your in New York, with time to spare, go to Brooklyn Art Library, on 28 Frost Street, 11211, and ask for SBP2018/350.3-5  and have a look at the book yourself!


Decorative details….

I was interested to see the article is this months House & Garden ‘Design Ideas’ section, talking about the value of “small but important finishing touches to furnishings”, talking about the value of trims, braids, cords. It took me back to when I started in this profession, where a scheme wasn’t finished unless it contained an elaborate tassel or deep bullion fringes somewhere in the room.

Today, I like to think I’m a little more subtle with my finishing touches, using fabric rather than trims or cords, but still creating an added depth to an interior scheme.


In the display I recently completed for the Pierre Frey to launch their new Arapahos collection at their showroom in Design Centre, Chelsea harbour, London, I edged the curtains leading edges with a black velvet border, and a narrow band of burnt orange wool fabric piping. This allowed the embroidery detail of the main fabric to stand out.

simax_161027_1637-2In the above image, from a window treatment for a dining room, light neutral coloured linen roman blinds were finished at the bottom, with a wide border of a small cotton print design, and contrast piping detail in a mustard cotton chintz. This gave an added interest to the window beyond the linen curtains, in the bold check of the same colour tones.

I consider ‘attention to detail’ to be one of my strengths – it’s what I’m known for and helps provides my client with their own unique designed space.


Images of finished display at Pierre Frey Showroom, DCCH London for ‘Legends’ event during London Design Wk, 4th – 9th March, 2018

Images from the finished display showcasing the new Arapahos collection. Sadly we didn’t win the competition, but have been told reaction from visitors has been great. Thanks to my colleague Cyrille (as above!) & all the team at Pierre Frey for all their help and support, and opportunity to take part.

So here we go…

What a fabulous way to start my first blog…

Proud to announce I’m working with Pierre Frey and taking part in the ‘Legends’ event for London Design week 2018, at their showroom in the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre to showcase their new collection ‘Arapahos’.